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James Beavis

I am a Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, a Tui Na medical bodywork practitioner, and a Tai Chi & Qigong teacher.  I am passionate about health & well-being, (body, mind & spirit) and I want everyone to have access to these incredibly effective, versatile art forms.

I have used tai chi & qigong to recover from my own debilitating back injuries and chronic fatigue after years of fruitless searching for a way back to health.


My knowledge of functional movement & structure, gained through years of intensive tai chi & qigong training, was the ideal foundation to further my studies in medicine, qualifying in Classical & Traditional Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and in Tui Na medical bodywork (including cupping and external herbal medicine).

Now I enjoy the privileged position of being able to help others, using the healing methods I've learned, as well as teaching the skills and techniques to help my students and patients recover from their own chronic illnesses and injuries.

I currently run a clinic at Port O' Leith Boxing Gym, alongside my tai chi & qigong classes.

My post-grad studies continue with Xian Tian College.

For Tai Chi & Qigong classes see Edinburgh Tai Chi.

  • I hold diplomas in Tui Na Medical Bodywork and Classical & Traditional Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from Xian Tian College.

  • My Tui na diploma included; The principles and diagnostics of Tui Na and Chinese Medicine; Tui Na Shou Fa (hand techniques) and advanced manipulations; The clinical application of Tui Na in external and internal medicine; and the therapies of Cupping, Moxibustion and External Herbal Medicine.

  • Treatments are £65 for initial consultation & treatment (Member offers are avialable for Port O' Leith Boxing & Edinburgh Tai Chi members).

  • I am insured through Balens & I'm a member of The Acupuncture Society



"I have been seeing James for a few months now, every appointment has been amazing, he really knows what he is talking about and after my endless list of issues he has kept the treatments right for me. Very professional and puts me at ease after every appointment."


"James is very knowledgeable and professional. Without fail, I feel so much better after my

tui na treatments.  I can't recommend James enough!"


"I visited James to seek help for tendonitis in my shoulder, which was so severe that I could not twist my arm, tuck in my shirt etc.
After the first visit I could twist my arm again and with follow-up visits using a mixture of 'cupping', massage and traction I am now almost completely back to normal.
James is attentive to the patient's needs, communicates clearly and never rushes.
I would recommend 100%"


"I went to James with a chest congestion and immune system issue as my GP was unable to find a solution.  James assessed and diagnosed my problem, and within two sessions my breathing difficulties were resolved. Thank you James"


"I have been treated by James for about 4 months now and the results are incredible. I go to James to be treated for a wide range of issues ranging from a painful shoulder to low energy levels. I have seen improvements on everything we work on, particularly on the mental health related issues.
James has been incredibly adaptable. The treatment I receive is based on how I have been since the previous treatment and on that day. I find this flexibility incredibly helpful as it means that I can plan my appointments in advance and address issues as they arise. I come away from appointments with recommendations relating to my lifestyle and diet and I can see my health improving. I couldn't recommend this more!"


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