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Teaching health & well-being through tai chi & qigong, in relaxed, friendly classes, online & outdoors.

A blend of Chinese medicine principles, qigong, meditation, mindfulness and kung-fu, Tai Chi's proven ability to release physical and emotional tension, improve postural alignment and strengthen the circulatory system and nervous system make it an ideal tool in health and rehabilitation.

As Tai Chi strengthens the whole body, breath and mind, not only does it keep you at your best, it can be a valued asset in overcoming chronic pain, injury and illness, improving your quality of life regardless of health and age.

While government restrictions remain fluid, we are running a schedule of online & outdoor classes only, with a gradual move to include indoor classes in the future. 

If you would like to join in, or be informed of our changing schedule, get in touch by following the email link or email


10am - 11.30am - Tai chi & qigong, online.


Classes follow our normal format with loosening excercises, standing meditation, a qigong set, and a Yang style tai chi form, plus our Friday morning class specifically working on our tai chi form.



  • Online tai chi & qigong class - £8 drop-in

  • Outdoor tai chi & qigong class - £10 drop-in, or £45 per six week block

  • All access monthly membership (payable by standing order on 1st of each month) - £55


Payment is via bank transfer or cash & is discretionary for those on a low income, or that have been financially affected by government restrictions. 


8.30am - 9.15am - Seated qigong & meditation, online.


10am - 11.15am - Tai chi, outdoor. Princes St Gardens, West (map link).

Class structure & content

Classes vary from 60 to 90 minute lessons, split into different sections. All the different ‘skills’ of Tai Chi are complementary and class content varies depending on the experience of the class and length of the session.

Classes include;

  • Tai Chi loosening exercises

  • Standing meditation


  • Simple qigong exercises​​

  • Yang style 37 step Tai Chi form


Much of the qigong practiced in class is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, five element theory & practice, sometimes referred to as medical qigong.


These exercises are practiced to strengthen and balance the bodies energy system, strengthen the physical body, release physical and emotional stress and improve postural and functional alignments, giving a strong foundation for health & our development within tai chi.


"I have been seeing James for a few months now, every appointment has been amazing, he really knows what he is talking about and after my endless list of issues he has kept the treatments right for me. Very professional and puts me at ease after every appointment."


"James is very knowledgeable and professional. Without fail, I feel so much better after my

tui na treatments.  I can't recommend James enough!"


"I visited James to seek help for tendonitis in my shoulder, which was so severe that I could not twist my arm, tuck in my shirt etc.
After the first visit I could twist my arm again and with follow-up visits using a mixture of 'cupping', massage and traction I am now almost completely back to normal.
James is attentive to the patient's needs, communicates clearly and never rushes.
I would recommend 100%"


"I went to James with a chest congestion and immune system issue as my GP was unable to find a solution.  James assessed and diagnosed my problem, and within two sessions my breathing difficulties were resolved. Thank you James"


"I have been treated by James for about 4 months now and the results are incredible. I go to James to be treated for a wide range of issues ranging from a painful shoulder to low energy levels. I have seen improvements on everything we work on, particularly on the mental health related issues.
James has been incredibly adaptable. The treatment I receive is based on how I have been since the previous treatment and on that day. I find this flexibility incredibly helpful as it means that I can plan my appointments in advance and address issues as they arise. I come away from appointments with recommendations relating to my lifestyle and diet and I can see my health improving. I couldn't recommend this more!"


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